photo by: Jakub Koncir
photo: Stéphane Deleersnijder


Noblesse Oblige are French songwriter Valerie Renay and German producer Sebastian Lee Philipp. Originally formed in London in 2004, the duo has been a part of Berlin’s thriving independent music scene since 2006, releasing four albums and playing over 300 Live shows around the world. Their song “4 A.M.” was originally released on the band’s second album In Exile, which won the prestigious Russian “Steppenwolf” Music award in 2008. Beside their work as Noblesse Oblige, Valerie is currently working on her debut solo album, while Sebastian has just released his first album as part of electronic Krautrock project Die Wilde Jagd.

Having toured and performed with artists including Dresden Dolls, IAMX, Vive La Fete and Patti Smith among others, Noblesse Oblige gained a notorious reputation for their wild and spectacular live shows. Taking turns in playing guitar, samplers, piano, keyboards and drums or melodica, Sebastian and Valerie blend edgy electronics with a raw live sound that captures the sleazy, ambiguous tension within the duos sensual performance.

photo by: Chipi

Their songs are often accompanied by tri-lingual lyrics that range from child-like nursery rhymes, to more sensual and dreamlike tales of unfound love and loneliness.